Worship Services

Worship at Living Word Lutheran Church

The COVID-19 pandemic challenged Christians throughout the world to live out their faith in isolation. No where was that more evident than in how we worshiped.  Initially services were led live from the Pastor's home.  Then, we added a drive-in service where attenders worshiped from their cars while tuned into an FM station and listened as the Pastor led worship from the bed of a pickup.  During that period of time, the Pastor pre-recorded worship from the sanctuary so those unable to attend still had an online option.  Then, when we could assure worshipers all precautions were in place, we re-opened the doors.  We began to record the service and then uploaded it to YouTube for home-based worshipers to access later in the day.

In-person worship continues to occur on Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM. That service is recorded and goes live for home-based worshipers at 5:00 PM on the same Sunday evening.

There are two ways to access the home-based service:

1.  Go to the home page of the website and click on the button which will take you directly to the link.

2.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel.  Whenever new content is posted, you will get notified via text or email that a new service is available.

Our preference will always be to gather in person, but we are grateful that technology is available to help us stay connect in spirit.  Whenever you decide to worship with us from home, we suggest making your environment as conducive to worship as possible.  Download the document below for some tips for doing so.