Time and Talent Survey 2021

Additional information about each ministry is included at the bottom of this page.  To access those details, click on the links below or scroll down to the end of the survey.

Stewards of receipts and expenditures, and recommends budget changes to Board


Purpose:  As Christ's ambassadors, we share the good news of Jesus Christ addressing the needs of the community and world in which we live by offering physical, emotional, and spiritual support.


  • Work with the Board and Pastor to encourage and implement outreach beyond Living Word Lutheran Church
  • Insures that a webpage is developed and maintained to publicize Living Word Lutheran Church
  • Plans for making initial contacts with visitors
  • Oversees the congregation's support of local or worldwide groups


Purpose:  In response to God's love, we are called to administer His gracious gifts by offering physical, emotional, and spiritual assistance to those in our church.


  • Coordinate congregational or small group fellowship activities
  • Implement and provide support to the shut-ins or those in need in our congregation
  • Promote spiritual well-being and growth by communicating prayer requests and praises which offer opportunities for individual and group prayer


Purpose:  To proclaim God's saving Gospel of justification by grace for Christ's sake through faith alone . . . preserving and transmitting the Gospel faithfully to future generations


The Growth and Teaching Ministry works with the Board and Pastor to promote the spiritual growth of congregational members by encouraging participation in and providing for Bible-based learning opportunities where every member has the opportunity to grow in their faith and understanding of Scripture.  This is to be accomplished utilizing integrated and well-supported classes and activities including education, Bible study, and youth.


Purpose:  To participate in public/congregational worship services, and to encourage personal daily devotion

Mission:   The worship and music ministry work with the Board and Pastor to oversee and provide support for the worship life of the church.  The altar guild, worship assistants, musicians, and choir coordinate their efforts to enrich the overall worship service at Living Word Lutheran Church by developing worship experiences that are Scripture-based, reflect Lutheran doctrine/ tradition, and are Christ-centered.