Member FAQs

1.  What is the “Members” area of the website?

The “Members” area of the website is a password-protected section where Living Word members can readily access information to enhance their understanding of and involvement in our ministry.

2.  I am a member of Living Word.  Is setting up an account on the website required?

Absolutely not!  But we really cannot think of a reason why you would not want to.

3.  What information is available in the member section of the website?

Think of this area as a library where you can find resources such as governance documents (i.e. articles of incorporation, bylaws, policies), meeting minutes, member directories, and photo galleries.

4.  How do I create a website account?

Go to  Click on the “Members” tab. Then click on “Registration” and complete the form.  The process is very simple.

5.  Will I be able to access the Member area right away?

No. Your registration will have a “pending” status until the Living Word office staff approves your

6.  How do I sign in to my account?

Go to Click on the “Members” tab. Then click on “Member
.”  Enter your user name or email and password.

7.  What happens once I login to my account.

Once you login, you will be returned to the home page of the website.  From there, you can click on the “Members” tab, and access all pages in the “Members” section.

8.  Do I need to create a website account to use the directories?

Before answering that question, we want to remind you that there are other resources available to you online that you will not be able to access without a member account. 

But, if you truly just want the directory, there are two ways to get it.

1.  NO WEBSITE ACCOUNT NEEDED:  Download the Breeze church managment system app for your phone or tablet.   Contact the church office and request an invitation to set up a Breeze account to complete the process.  Go to FAQ #9 to learn more about the Breeze church management system.

2. WEBSITE ACCOUNT NEEDED:  Download a PDF of the church directory from the "Directories" tab of the "Members" section of the website to your electronic device.  Then, it is your choice as to whether or not you want to print it out.

We recommend establishing a website account, downloading the Breeze app, and also downloading the PDF.

Members who do not have internet access will be provided a printed directory throug the church office.

9.  What is the Breeze church management system?

Breeze is a cloud-based data management system for churches. Living Word uses the program to
organize member data such as addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, baptismal dates, giving, and more.

One of the features of this system is that it allows us to invite members to use the directory feature from their phones, tablets, or computers.

Will other members be able to see everything in the Breeze church database?

No. If you accept the invitation to establish a member access account, you will only see what is printed in a directory.

Do I use the same login credentials for the Breeze church management system as I do for the “Members” area of the website?

No. The “Members” section of the website and the Breeze church management system are separate secure areas requiring their own login credentials.