Worshipers arriving at Living Word are handed a bulletin.  The bulletin is like a program.  It outlines the order of worship, guides people through the service, and provides information about the church and its activities.  Download a PDF version of the bulletins by clicking on the links below.

2019 Sunday Worship Services

January - March

April - June

July - September

October - December

January 6

Service Canceled (weather)

April 7

5th Sunday of Lent​​​

July 7

4th Sunday after Pentecost​​​

October 6

April 14

Palm Sunday

July 14

5th Sunday after Pentecost​​​

October 13

April 21


July 21

6th Sunday after Pentecost​​​

October 20

April 28

2nd Sunday of Easter​​​

July 28

7th Sunday after Pentecost​​​

October 27

May 5

3rd Sunday of Easter​​​

August 4

8th Sunday after Pentecost​​​

November 3

February 10 (home worship)

5th Sunday after Epiphany​​​

May 12

​​4th Sunday of Easter​​​

August 11

9th Sunday after Pentecost​​​

November 10

February 17

6th Sunday after Epiphany​​​

August 18

10th Sunday after Pentecost​​​

November 17

February 24

7th Sunday after Epiphany​​​

November 24

March 3


June 2

Ascension of our Lord​​​

December 1

March 10

1st Sunday of Lent​​​

June 9

Pentecost Sunday​​​

December 8

June 16

Trinity Sunday​​​

December 15

June 23

2nd Sunday after Pentecost​​​

September 22

December 22

March 31

4th Sunday of Lent​​​

June 30

3rd Sunday after Pentecost​​​

September 29

December 29

2018 Worship Services

Bulletins from previous years are available by contacting the church office.